Team Toots

Conservation Education

“Our vision for the Conservation Education is to equip the local children with productive knowledge to help them get work exposure and to know the importance of conservation!”

 -Kutullo “Toots” Shai

At Team Toots we focus on Conservation Education! Image - Johanna GelardiWe are a small team of volunteers, lead by Wildlife Guide Kutullo “Toots” Shai, working from a GVI Base in South Africa. The base is mainly focused on African Wildlife Research, and community education outreach. Our aim at TEAM TOOTS is to share our knowledge of conservation with the local community kids through school programs, building programs and various fundraisers!

The kids in the communities absolutely enjoy the exposure to the Wildlife, which they often have none of! Living so close to some of these Wildlife reserves but having no contact with the wildlife at all, can leave the communities very isolated, and in turn lead to a lot of apathy and a very large sense of disassociation with the animals. This has a huge influence on poaching, where no empathy for the conservation cause is present and poaching merely seen as a source of income.

Through our Conservation Education, we wish to expose the kids to the beauty and relevance of the wild at a young age, to prevent the spread of poaching as they grow up!