Diphuti Primary School

During our visits at Diphuti Primary School we hope to educate and encourage the students to get involved in environmental friendly activities to help create a positive outlook on how to treat our environment for the generations to come. We work mostly with an age group of 12-13 year olds. Our lectures have included environmental issues such as the different types of pollution and what we can do to help prevent or reduce this issue. 

Littering is a significant problem in South Africa, so we have designed a litter picking competition in the school to excite the kids to get more involved in helping their community. We have discussed topical issues with the children too about poaching and it’s negative impacts as poaching is such a massive problem in South Africa, particularly for the Rhino population. The children themselves have created their own lectures with the assistance of handmade posters to hang in the community so they too can help stop the poaching of animals by educating friends and family.

Education has always been one of the most important factors when dealing with such difficult issues such as these and it is a privilege to teach in communities such as the Oaks and receive such a positive response from the children.


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